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Who Is SERIO Design FX?

"Helping You Take Your Business To The Next Level"

Although SERIO Design was founded in 2005, our roots in technology go back as far as back as the 1980's when UNIX was introduced into business. When the internet bubble crashed we had no choice but to market as a consultant providing services to corporations.

We were always brought in to solve major problems and find solutions that others had given up on. We once solved a problem a company had been living with for 2 years and even IBM couldn't figure it out. We solved it in 2 months doing extensive research and technical investigation.

We developed our first website in 2003 for a business who needed a website to market his services. He is still a client today and we saw that business needed honest and trustworthy services. 

We saw how business owners struggled with just getting started, using a product that didn't work or they had taken it as far as they could on their own.

We learned marketing and video production. Those came as a natural extension of my creativity and I had been marketing myself for years. I  developed as a commercial photographer and even considered switching professions. 

What Our Fantastic Clients Say

SERIO Design FX was a God send for my brand and political campaign. What a outstanding job on delivering the message and image needed to run my brand. With SERIO Design FX assistance, my personal brand went from 200 to over 2,000.

Kenneth Ginlack Sr.
Political Candidate Milwaukee

All Star Kutz in Milwaukee Facebook page needed a facelift. SERIO Design FX created an original Facebook cover video. They provide monthly Facebook video posts and since starting I recieve more calls and people are noticing my business.

Andre Wilson  OWNER 
All Star Kutz Milwaukee

SERIO Design FX provides excellent social media services and is very responsive to the client. I had them create a Facebook social media post for a travel cruise. I had an immediate inquiry about the cruise the very day it was posted.

Emily Davis OWNER 
 My Travel Connection Pittsburgh, PA.

Helping You  Build Your Business

We Are Driven By Our Core Principles
  • INTEGRITY - We stand on our integrity. If we are not a good fit for your business needs and goals we will be HONEST and tell you.
  • TRUST - We believe our services depend on the integrity and effectiveness of our communications. We strive to build a relationship based on trust and excellence.
  • SERVICE  - We build our brand based on service. Our success is really based on our customers success.
  • LEADERSHIP - We strive to be a leader in our services constantly staying abreast of the challenges and changes occuring in the market. We look for the shortest distance to achieve the goals of our customer.

Let's Work, Together

You have come this far otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.
So let's talk and see how SERIO Design FX can be of service to you.

Take Your Business To The Next Level