Home Renovation Website Willow Brook Homes Milwaukee Wi.

Brand strategy and web design.

Web Design

Rebrand Web Design


Richard Madecky, owner of Willow Brook Homes, LLC., hadn't paid any attention to his web presence or social media.

He contracted SERIO Design FX to rebrand his web presence.


Brand strategy for Willow Brook Homes Construction and Remodeling to attract the ideal clients.

Brand Strategy:


We determined the audience that the web presence would be designed to reach. We reviewed his clients reviews for profiles of the type of clients that looked for his services.


Married Couples: 30-40 years of age that were professionals and/or business owners.

Desire: Clients wanted special construction of dream environments.

Home Owners: Clients who wanted emergency remodeling or repairs.

Google Research

Google keyword research showed three client journeys.

  • January thru March clients searched for construction builders to place under contract.
  • April Thru June clients searched for remodelers.
  • June thru Sept clients looked for home repairs.

Client Obstacles

Clients had a problem with financing.


We found an online financing option that we used in the web design.

Web Design

We designed an impressive landing page that highlighted modern construction and financing available.

The clients want custom building or remodeling based on their dream.

We'll Build The Home Of Your Dreams

We made the value proposition direct and to the point.

Web Design

A strong web design reinforces the strengths of the clients services and products.

Willow Brook Homes & Construction LLC had a TV commercial produced and we re-edited the commercial for the website.

The web design highlights the clients custom work throughout the design.

The design contains custom garage build that are a highlight of Willow Brook Homes Construction and Remodeling.

Our services in web design include unusual requests that other designers would have to outsource.

The web design covers both the exterior and interior services of Willow Brook Homes & Construction LLC.

Home Renovation Website Willow Brook Homes Milwaukee Wi.

Image Gallery

Willow Brook Homes & Construction LLC has an extensive photo gallery highlighting it best work.

Willow Brook Homes & Construction LLC Additional Services

In addition to new construction, Willow Brook Homes & Construction LLC does remodeling and special home repairs. Our research of the home construction and remodeling business revealed to opportunities.

Clients hire home builders in January through March.

Client hire home remodelers from April through June.

SERIO Design FX does the research for SEO and market so your web design will attract clients. You can have all the services that other companies cannot provide or they charge extra.

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Home Renovation Website Willow Brook Homes Milwaukee Wi.