Personal Brand Strategy Jeroen Bolluijt

Personal Brand Strategy

Personal Brand Strategy and Coaching

Client Feedback and Results

Jeroen Bolluijt gave an outstanding review on Upwork.

He became an Entrepreneur In Residence at the University of Australia.

He became a member of the Forbes Business Council.

Brand Personality Archetype

We gave Jeroen Bolluijt brand personality analysis to establish his archetype and tone of voice.

We developed his brand personality profile and designed his personal logo. Brand personality is a critical aspect of marketing that plays a significant role in building and maintaining customer loyalty.

Web Design

A personal web design was developed for his thought-leadership articles. A content silo was developed for his web design. Design should be a reflection of your business’ brand and recognize the purpose for which you need a website.

Personal Brand Strategy Jeroen Bolluijt

Personal Brand Research and Analysis

Research and analysis form the bedrock of an effective personal brand strategy, as they provide essential insights into the individual's unique strengths, industry trends, and target audience preferences.

By conducting a thorough examination of one's professional accomplishments, skillsets, and passions, a comprehensive understanding of the personal brand's distinctive value proposition can be developed. Furthermore, analyzing market trends and competitor positioning helps identify opportunities for differentiation and thought leadership.

This meticulous research and analysis process lays the foundation for crafting a compelling personal brand narrative that resonates with the intended audience, ensuring a strong, authentic, and influential presence in the professional landscape.

LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn articles and graphics were created and publish over an 8 week period. We created an 8-week content schedule for curated and brand awareness articles.

LinkedIn Articles play a crucial role in establishing thought leadership for personal brands, as they provide a platform to showcase expertise, share valuable insights, and engage in meaningful conversations with industry peers.

By crafting well-researched, thought-provoking, and informative articles, professionals can demonstrate their deep understanding of their field, while addressing the needs and concerns of their target audience.

This not only positions them as trusted authorities but also helps forge stronger connections within their professional network. Consistently publishing LinkedIn Articles is a strategic investment that elevates personal brands, unlocks new opportunities, and solidifies one's reputation as a thought leader in their respective domain.

LinkedIn Monthly Newsletter

We designed a LinkedIn monthly newsletter that would highlight the events and articles of interest.

A monthly LinkedIn newsletter is a powerful tool for personal brands, as it enables professionals to stay connected with their audience while sharing valuable insights, industry updates, and thought leadership.

By consistently delivering engaging and informative content, individuals can reinforce their expertise, cultivate trust, and foster meaningful relationships with their network.

A well-crafted LinkedIn newsletter not only positions personal brands as authorities in their field but also opens doors for new opportunities, collaborations, and career growth. Invest in a monthly LinkedIn newsletter and witness the transformative impact on your personal brand's visibility and influence.

Personal Brand Website

On brand website graphics were designed for each of his blog articles.

Personal brand web designs serve as the digital epicenter of an individual's professional presence, reflecting their unique identity, values, and expertise. It is vital to keep these websites active and growing, as they signify the continuous evolution and progress of one's personal brand.

Regularly updating the website with fresh content, such as blog posts, case studies, or industry insights, demonstrates an individual's commitment to staying abreast of trends and sharing knowledge with their audience. Moreover, an active website helps improve search engine rankings, making it easier for potential clients, partners, and employers to discover the personal brand. By nurturing and expanding their digital presence, professionals can effectively strengthen their credibility, attract new opportunities, and solidify their position as thought leaders in their respective fields.

Personal Brand Strategy Jeroen Bolluijt