Political Brand Strategy Kenneth Ginlack Jr. - Milwaukee

Personal Brand Strategy

Digital Campaign Brand Strategy


Mr. Kenneth Ginlack Sr. was running for Milwaukee County Supervisor. He need a digital campaign strategy and social media manager.

He had a significant Facebook following and needed a political campaign for donations.

Also, once the campaign started he needed a consistent social media strategy to keep his name in front of the public.


We created a series of social media videos for the brand awareness campaign on Facebook.

We designed a video landing page that would give people the opportunity to see Mr. Ginlack Sr. and hear his

radio personality voice.


We designed the website to provide the information that a voter needs to make an informed decision.

The voters needed to know Mr. Ginlack's background and education.

Political Brand Strategy Kenneth Ginlack Jr. - Milwaukee


We designed a timeline section to the website. It displayed Mr. Ginlack Sr. educational background and the impressive credentials.


Mr. Kenneth Ginlacks Sr. donation campaign was able to raise enough money so that he had no out of pocket expenses.

He reached his goal for brand awareness and was hired for Director of Behavioral Service Outreach for Milwaukee County.

Political Brand Strategy Kenneth Ginlack Jr. - Milwaukee