Web Design Kenneth Ginlack Sr. Training Center

Kenneth Ginlack Sr. brand strategy and web design.

Brand Strategy and Web Design

Kenneth Ginlack Sr Consulting & Training Center

Case Study: New Business Launch

Mr. Kenneth Ginlack Sr. wanted to open a alcohol and drug treatment certification education center. He is an established teacher at the

University of Wisconsin.

We performed a brand strategy analysis that included two personality profiles and audience demographics.

  • Brand Personality
  • Meyers-Briggs Personality

We designed a compelling web design that outlined his training classes.


We highlighted the benefits of his training center. The quality of training is very important in professional therapy.

Also, flexible scheduling makes it easy for working professionals to attend training.

AODA Certifications : Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Programs

A regular certification is required for those in AODA. It was important that therapists have all of the training options that fit their work schedule.

Web Design Kenneth Ginlack Sr. Training Center

Substance abuse counseling has many levels of certification. The training center accommodates all levels of training.

Also, we suggested Kenneth Ginlack Sr. market his motivational speaking skills. He didn't think much of it at the time.

It was a pleasant surprise when he started getting speaking engagements.

Web Design Kenneth Ginlack Sr. Training Center