Milwaukee Metro Security Web Design

Redesign brand website.

Brand Strategy, Web Design


Metro Security Services of Wisconsin hired a web designer to develop their website. The web design company was unable to complete the web design to their satisfaction. The web design company kept requiring more money for their design and they were hard to contact.


We audited the progress of their current web design. We determined the hosting platform provided poor response time.

Also, we determined the web design company was unavailable to provide the current web design.


We decided that an new web design would be best for the company. A design that was modern, up to date and technically advanced would reflect the brand values.


Metro Security Services of Wisconsin had developed a solid brand. They were approved to provide airport security. They are the go-to company for other security companies to provide backup services.

Metro Security Services wanted a professional web design that demonstrated their brand personality. They demonstrated professional, friendly and trusted security services.


We redesigned the website based to provide information to potential clients. It was important that the web design was simple and fast.

A web landing page with a video would set the tone for the website.

A video animation was created to introduce their services. It set the tone of voice for the brand and web design.

We decided to use video sales letters on the landing page and that were popularized by iconic marketers such as David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz, and Gary Halpert.

This idea gave Metro Security Services of Wisconsin a better ROI. We capitalized on YouTube and duplicated it for Facebook.

Milwaukee Metro Security Web Design


The project was a great success story. The company thrived for several years after the implementation of the web design.

They were contacted by Australian news to provide security during the riots in Racine, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Metro Security Web Design