Virtual Classroom Shining Star Christian School

Brand awareness campaign and digital marketing funnel.

Brand Strategy and Web Design

Project Brief

Urgent: Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Private School Virtual Learning during COVID-19 Crisis!

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we educate our children. As schools close and parents are forced to work from home, the need for virtual learning has never been greater. Our private school is no exception and we need to act fast to inform parents of our virtual learning opportunities and attract them to enroll their children.

We urgently need to develop a digital marketing strategy that effectively communicates the value of virtual learning, design a marketing funnel that leads parents to sign up, and launch a Facebook awareness campaign that reaches our target audience and generates interest in our virtual classes.

We must also work to overcome the concerns of parents towards online education and differentiate our virtual classes from other options available in the market. Time is of the essence and we must act fast to ensure our school stays competitive in these challenging times.

The Process

We developed an awareness campaign on Facebook that directed parents to the bespoke designmarketing funnel.

Digital Ads

Co-ordinated Effort

We worked with other brands who contributed to this campaign. Parents and students needed additional assistance to cope with virtual learning.

Contributed After School Care
BMO Harris Financial Learning
Local Fundraisers
Virtual Classroom Shining Star Christian School


We had to make parents aware of the procedures to sign up for virtual learning.

  • Sign up through School Choice Program
  • Enroll Student In Shining Star
  • Parent orientation to virtual learning(ZOOM)
  • Pick up day for laptops.

Project Success

Shining Star exceeded it's enrollment goal by 100+ students that resulted in additional federal funding.

Shining Star Schools COVID Crisis Web Design

Digital Marketing Companies

Virtual Classroom Shining Star Christian School