6 landing page design tips that improve UX and conversions

December 19, 2021
Posted by
Charles K. Davis
Landing pages are the most important part of your website. They’re where you convert visitors into customers and they can make or break your business. But if you don’t know what to do, it can be really difficult to get them right. That’s why we created this guide for landing page design tips that improve UX and conversions.

We know how much time, effort, and money goes into creating a landing page so we want to help you avoid common mistakes that could cost you sales. The following 6 tips will help increase conversion rates by improving user experience on your site so more people buy from you instead of going elsewhere!

6 landing page design tips that improve UX and conversions

1. Use a contrasting color for your CTA button

2. Place the most important information first on the page to avoid scrolling

3. Keep your call-to-action short and concise, but also descriptive

4. Include testimonials from happy customers in order to boost conversions

5. Provide clear instructions with text and visuals so visitors know what they are getting into when clicking on the CTA button

6. Make sure there is enough white space around content so it doesn't feel cluttered or overwhelming


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