What is branding really?

October 14, 2022
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Charles K. Davis

What is branding really?

Businesses and entrepreneurs are investing vast sums of money in branding. We need to learn from the brand masters.  

The art of branding is a multi-million or billion-dollar service.  The originators of this alchemy art are hard to reach and even harder to hire.

When it comes to business, many business owners and entrepreneurs believe that branding is just a logo. However, there is so much more to it than that.

This is where I came in. I attended training made by the grandmaster of branding, Marty Neumeier. The thought-provoking movement led by his evangelist Andy Starr was like being given the keys to a new car.

So when it came to business and branding, there was one name that kept coming up: Marty Neumeier.

Marty is the author of several books on branding, most notably The Brand Gap and Zag. He's also the creator of the Branding Pivot canvas, which is a tool I use often in my work with clients.

I took this brand strategy framework and combined it with software agile processes.

The results have been nothing short of amazing. Businesses are now able to understand their customers at a much deeper level, engage with them on an emotional level, and create long-lasting relationships.

Is your business or coaching brand getting lost in the noise? Everyone's talking about how important it is to "humanize" your brand, but what does that really mean? And how do you do it without making things worse?

The business world is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. One minute you think you have a handle on things, and the next you're feeling lost and behind. If you're not careful, you can easily fall into the trap of thinking that you need to know everything and do everything yourself.

This is especially true when it comes to marketing. There are so many moving parts and new technologies that it's easy to feel like you're in over your head.

But here's the thing: you don't have to be an expert in everything. In fact, trying to be will only hold you back.

What you need is an expert who can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of marketing. And that's exactly what we offer at our workshop.

We'll lead your team through an executive framework that will teach them the outside-the-box thinking that brings real innovation. Our master digital marketing engineer will implement and teach your team skills learned over decades of working with corporations.

This process was created by combining proven training and leading-edge software. And it's something that any business or entrepreneur can benefit from.

I took this brand strategy framework and combined it with software agile process tools.

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  • entrepreneurs
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  • non-profits

Has your brand gotten this right? Do you think your team has the skills to do this?

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