Ultimate Business Guide To Online Presence - Updated 2022

December 19, 2021
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Charles K. Davis

Ultimate Business Guide To Online Presence

The Internet has made it easier for businesses to reach customers and market their products. This means that you have more competition in your industry than ever before. You will need a solid online presence in order to stay ahead of the game. Here are some tips on how to create one!

Here is what I’m going to show you.

  • WHY IT MATTERS? - This is the age of misinformation and sorting out fact from fiction is becoming an enormous challenge.
  • PILLARS - The most essential pillars of online presence and what some businesses neglect.
  • BUILDING - How to build a powerful online presence foundation to launch any business?
  • GROWING - How to grow your online presence foundation? You don't want to skip this topic.
  • MONITORING - What you don't know about your online presence can kill you.

Why Online Presence Matters?

Sharp changes in social media adoption has created a huge shift of social media consumption.
Growing Share Of Americans Prefer YouTube

Pew Market Research

Businesses need to be more in touch with their customers and offer what they want.

It's no longer just about the product, it is also how you get there that matters most!

With so many internet users on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter for instance; businesses must take this into account when developing online reputations.

Online reviews exist not only through one medium but can span several channels such as review websites like Yelp combined alongside interaction via email newsletters etc., which all contribute towards establishing credibility within your target market niche (or circles).

A company needs consistency across these various platforms if they hope anyone will remember them long enough after viewing even ONE of those sources - let alone ALL OF THEM

Online Presence Management With Digital Marketing

  • GOOGLE+/YouTube -Your Google business page with accompanying YouTube channel are your prime real estate.
  • Web Design - Your web design should be smartphone optimized and highly creative to capture the attention of people. This is a HOT new development in web design.
  • Social Media -Your social media channels should be carefully selected and have a social media growth strategy. An effective social media strategy should have at least 3 distribution channels.

Building Your Online Presence Foundation

If you're looking for a way to market your business, the best solution is an online presence. With a website and social media profiles, you can easily reach customers from all over the world.


Google is the crown jewel of a business's digital presence. It not only strengthens their marketing strategy, but also provides an easy way for customers and prospects alike to find them on any device they're using!

The most important aspect about Google Business?  "It ties all social media signals together." Without this integral piece in place - no matter how beautiful or creative your content might otherwise be- people won't know where it comes from or what you have available at home (or wherever).


Social media publishers and advertisers are in charge of deciding how to present their content while maintaining key performance indicators.

Technology vendors then help them maintain this kind of control with advertising, analytics tools or social-commerce features like reviews on Amazon's site

Social media is becoming an increasingly popular form ́of entertainment with almost 2 billion users worldwide across all platforms combined! This means there will be growing demand for people who can produce engaging material through various channels including Instagram stories which now accounts for 50% more engagement than regular Twitter posts according to research firm PEW Market Research Center.


Web designers and advertisers should be aware of the need for creative web designs. A more engaging experience can create entertained consumers, who are likely to keep their attention longer on a site they find enjoyable.

Creative web designs and ads present a more engaging experience. Consumers are looking for entertaining, creative content when surfing the internet- it's obvious that people want their time on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter to be something special!


The keyword-optimized YouTube channel is a powerful tool that businesses can utilize to spread their message. Thoughtfully produced content marketing videos have been proven as one of the most effective forms for advertising and communicating ideas!

Growing Your Online Presence Foundation

  • YouTube - If 63% of marketers say that their #1 challenge is generating new leads and 43% of consumers want to see more video content, a video platform like YouTube is the perfect way to connect those needs. YouTube For Ecommerce
  • SOCIAL MEDIA - “First, what are you doing with Facebook?” Facebook might seem old and tired now. But it still tops the charts at nearly 2.2 billion people who are active at least on a monthly basis.
  • Of those, over 63% (or 1.4 billion) log into Facebook on a daily basis. Going by the most recent tally, global penetration for the social network is an astounding 22.9%. SOURCE: How to Get More Facebook Traffic by Posting Less NEIL PATEL Why Facebook? Facebook is where the people are and some are your customers. But, more importantly, they are the ones who will give you literally GIVE YOU your online ranking. Those LIKES and SHARES are tracked by Facebook who gives them to GOOGLE+.  
  • WEB DESIGN - Web design is really simple when you know the right tool. Many people think WordPress, well, it's popular but is it the BEST tool for the job. Here is an example: I used to play tennis and started with a cheap Walgreens racket. I could play tennis with it but as I thought I got better I was still getting beat. I invested in a $200 graphite racket, a new model TOP of the line and my wallet. Really, it was the top of my wallet. I couldn't go out for a month. I was beating everybody, at least for that month. They caught on and they bought new rackets. Here is the ONE thing the DIY site builder never tell you. They built the site builders to CATCH YOU because they did a "Discover Your Brand Personality" you can follow this link and do it yourself.
  • GOOGLE+ - A GOOGLE+ Business page is the glue that pulls it all together. GOOGLE is the search engine and GOOGLE OWNS YouTube. Google will see all of YOUR activity on all your social media. GOOGLE will give you search ranking and because you used their YouTube those videos you post will show up in the search ranking in 15 to 45 minutes. You use the YouTube videos in your website and social media channels.


The process of content creation and distribution may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be.

All you need is the right tools and a plan that works for your business goals.

Contact us today and we'll help to create an online presence strategy that takes into account what matters most to you--and how all those metrics will play out in real life with customers who are ready to buy from you now!