Why your design process should start with content

December 19, 2021
Posted by
Charles K. Davis
The design process is a journey. It starts with an idea, which becomes a concept, which eventually transforms into the final product. This blog post will outline important points for consideration when starting your design process with content in mind to provide context and inspire you on your own journey.

Your design process should start with content. What you’re designing is a solution to a problem, and the goal of your design process should be to identify the customer's needs and understand how they define success for that particular problem. You need to ask questions like: "What are their goals? How do they currently solve this problem?" This way you can create solutions that will best fit them and generate real value for your business.

  1. Content is the foundation of your design
  2. Design should be created with purpose and intent, not just for looks
  3. Content informs design decisions - make sure you know what you want to say before designing a page
  4. Designers should understand content in order to create an effective layout
  5. Content-first design will lead to better ROI because it’s easier for people to find what they need on the site
  6. Your website visitors are more likely to take action when they can find their desired information quickly and easily

What are their goals?

Your goal can be one of several depending on where how strong is your online presence.

  • Do you have brand awareness? If people do not know about your brand it will be difficult to get their buy in. Brand awareness is the most neglected aspect of digital marketing. Your brand must have a constant online presence. Did you ever watch a podcast from a business you have never heard of?

How do they currently solve this problem?

A consistent content production of fresh content or refreshed content is necessary. This is where businesses really need help.

  • Blog articles
  • Social media graphics
  • Post-production video ads


There’s an old adage in the design world that says, “Content is king.” But what if you don’t know what to say? What then? A content-first approach will help you better understand your website and how it can best serve its intended purpose. It also helps ensure a higher ROI for your site because people are more likely to find what they need when they visit. That means less time wasted reworking pages or designing new ones with no clear focus. Contact our team of experts today and we can get started on a plan together!