How Social Media Help Increase Your Google Page Rank?

December 19, 2021
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Charles K. Davis
ONYX Catering
This is a case study on how we used Facebook, Google+ and YouTube to achieve ranking success.

The Beginning...

ONYX Catering Company in Memphis, Tn.  needed the foundation to start their business.

They had the start of a Facebook page but I knew they would need so much more to have any chance of success. They would need a website, video social media and create an online presence from the ground up. This would take every bit of creativity and technical ability that we have at SERIO Design FX.

ONYX Catering Company

Web Design

We designed the website based on their branding profile of "Catering Food Of Love". We selected the color scheme and the heart logo. As usual with branding, we went through two versions before deciding on this scheme and logo.

Google Business Listing

We set up the Google+ Business and registered the business. Our research behind the scenes indicated Google was expanding it's ecosystem and giving priority to it's properties.

Google, the king of internet search and advertising with its motto "Don't be evil" has expanded into social media.

In late 2017 they announced that starting in 2018 all new accounts will have a place on G+ Business instead of just personal ones- this is huge! If you're not familiar what it means or how to use google+, now's your chance because we'll teach you everything bout these changes over here at SERIO Design FX.

The biggest news though? It looks like Google wants more businesses rather than individuals using their platform.

Google Knowledge Panel


We developed video social media and business video for Facebook, We published native Facebook video and YouTube links on a regular basis. This grew the likes and follows from around 80 to over 120+

YouTube Videos

YouTube Channel

We created a YouTube Channel for ONYX Catering Company and regularly posted on the business page. This video repository is a highly valued asset that we can reuse.  

With a new YouTube Channel, ONYX Catering Company is able to share its vision with customers and potential clients who are interested in what they offer.

They have also established themselves as experts on the topic of food service planning by creating informative videos posted regularly throughout each week for all three hours dedicated towards business goals set forth at the beginning of this project.

Facebook Insights


No matter how you define social media management the goal is to build your awareness and drive traffic.
We managed a social media campaign that drove awareness on Facebook.
It was over 1,000+ in a very short time.

Managing social media campaigns are about more than just increasing your company's reach. The goal is to build awareness and drive traffic--and we've managed plenty of those! In one instance, our work resulted in over 1k fans on Facebook within two months time.

We've been working with companies of all sizes to help them grow their social media presence for years.

In one instance, our work resulted in over 1k fans on Facebook within two months time!

Contact us today if you want a Social Media Review or just have any questions about how we can leverage the power of Twitter and Instagram to increase your company's reach.

No matter what industry you're in, there are plenty of ways for us to improve your marketing strategy so that it drives traffic and builds awareness--because those are really the goals behind most managerial social media campaigns anyway.