How Page Speed Can Increase Your Revenue

December 19, 2021
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Charles K. Davis

PageSpeed is the top priority for all web designs.

80% of the internet is viewed on a smartphone.

The internet is a busy place. There are so many websites vying for your attention, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. It's even tougher when you're in an industry where there are lots of other competitors around.

You might have tried SEO or advertising to try and get more visitors to your site, but this blog post focuses on something different: improving page speed.

Your website's load time may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but if you want people coming back again and again, then loading quickly is key! In this article we'll tell you how to improve page speed on your site as well as provide tips on some tools that will help with the process. Check it out now!

AMP vs. Mobile

How can a business use AMP websites? The truth is that AMP sites require a high degree of technical skills.

Here is an except from Neil Patel's blog on AMP you can click on the highlighted text to read the entire article.

Worse, publishing directly with these formats requires developers and those with technical know-how. Many small businesses don’t have access to those human assets.

Fortunately, there are a lot of pre-built WordPress plugins for the rest of us. That way, we don’t have to be a code-ninja to get set up.

AMP for WP is one free example with decent reviews.

The truth from what I am reading is "DECENT" means less than what you need for your business.

How To Benefit From AMP

Product Videos

Some will say "You will lose your branding" but your BRANDING is in the video so how will you lose it?  YOU WON'T.

The truth is your web design WILL HAVE TO INCORPORATE VIDEOS. The video will serve on your website AND social media.

80% of people who view a video purchase the product.

AMP Ranking Factors

Search Metrics Research

I believe in research and the numbers tell the truth.

I want to point out in the graphic is: Facebook Total, GOOGLE+ and Tweets. This points out that AMP is being adopted across the board and those that jump on-board early will be way ahead of everybody. This is about PAGE #1 ranking.

GOOGLE+ is the hub of ALL internet activity and they own YouTube.

GOOGLE is backing the AMP implementation. It just makes sense we have to play ball with GOOGLE.

YouTube Is The Fastest Growing Search Engine

There is no denying that video has taken the internet by storm. With YouTube now boasting over one billion users, it's easy to see how quickly videos can go viral and reach a massive audience. But this isn’t just about creating another channel for your business; it’s about having an impact on your customers.

Video marketing opens up new opportunities for you to connect with your audience in ways that were never before possible, but only if you are ready for video…

Are You Ready For Video?

Performance Improves Conversion Revenue

Ultimate Footwear Projected Improvement

The Landing Is Everything

Staggering Results Of Video

If you're looking for a way to increase product sales and conversion rates, consider using video.

In fact, one study found that including videos on e-commerce pages can lead to an impressive 144% increase in purchase intent.

But before you start filming your own commercials or investing in expensive production equipment, be sure to read our blog post about the best practices of creating effective online marketing videos.

Mobile traffic has overtaken desktop users--57% of all online traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices.

That's why it's essential for marketers to know how people use their smartphones while shopping--what they do differently than when browsing on a laptop or PC screen?

Disruptive Innovation

GOOGLE = AMP Web Design + YouTube

It's no surprise that AMP is the future of web design. Native programs are already on their way to becoming standard in some industries, and now we're seeing it extend into new frontiers like eCommerce with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This wouldn't be possible without engineers who can think outside traditional norms or companies at risk for technological innovation such as Google-Alphabet Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc..


I talked to people and they said they can see a sales pitch coming when surfing the net. Bounce rates are increasing and engagement is declining.  

Well, heads up, GOOGLE says "make a website that people will love, tell their friends about and keep returning to the site". That certainly does not look like a majority of the sites I looked at. I saw two web sites that made my jaw drop.

The first is WONDR an award winning commission agency and at the other end of the spectrum is
11 Coffee.

When I directed one my critics to this site he had to eat his words. LMAO I invite you to take a look at DISRUPTIVE INNOVATIVE WEB DESIGN those two sites says it all.


Web page speed is a key factor for websites. It’s been shown that customers will abandon any site if it takes too long to load, and the number of people using smartphones has skyrocketed in recent years.

In order to keep your visitors happy, you need to make sure they have a fast web experience on all devices.

This means optimizing images and videos before uploading them, removing unnecessary content from pages where possible, reducing file sizes by compressing media files like audio or video with tools , eliminating loading time-consuming plugins that may not be needed, etc.

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